Kandil Egypt is the leading lighting manufacturer in Egypt with more than 500 workers and 3 main factories for different lighting lines. The company was established in 1976 as a producer for gold plated Chandeliers, later metal furniture line was added. Now our product line include cast bronze modern & classic plated tubes ,murano ,maria-teresa and fer-forge chandeliers. Today we produce many lighting lines including classic modern and antic
The record-breaking chandelier currently hangs in the beautifully arched dome of the Hassan Sharbatly Mosque in the El Tagmo El Awal (First Settlement) area in Cairo. Having a unique Islamic design,the almost bell-shaped chandelier is a mouth-dropping 17.7 m in height and 17.6 m in diameter, which is around the size of a 6-story building. It was made out of 24-carat gold plated brass and has an extensive network of around 2333 meters of metallic tubing and chains. The design team used a combination of LED and regular tungsten to light up the chandelier creating an interestingly magical effect when illuminated inside the mosque.